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Daylighting – Background Reading

March 24, 2010

Solar Panels


Solar Water Heating

Daylighting and Window Design, Lighting Guide, LG10: 1999

Daylighting and Window Design


Building Plant Loads

March 17, 2010

1. Is there any machinery or equipment that requires a suppy from another building services system? [e.g. – water, compressed air, vacuum, oxygen, steam] Where are they located?

2. Is there any machinery that produces loud noise such as duct or fume extractors? If so, where are they located?

3. Are they any activities that require special security?

4. Are they any gas burning equipment? If so, what are they?

5. What are the electrical equipment in the building?

6. How long are these equipment in use for?

7. Where are they located within the building?